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Dynamic Menu

It's finally here! This feature has been in beta and testing for a while now. The concept is simple. Build a dynamic menu that can adapt.

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Password Generator Algorithm

This dynamic password generator takes the options that are set and adds those to a list. It then picks a random index, adds that character to…

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PT Calculator

I thought it would be helpful if my wingmen would be able to calculate their PT score with ease.

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Shop Application

My rule usually is, "If I have to pay a subscription for that, I'll build it myself then". I then built my personal shop page.

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Statsbot API

Statsbot is now an open source project ready for anyone who wants to host it. It's an API that gets info from Discord servers and displays…

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Aesthetic Gallery Website

I've been learning alot in the past week. So much in fact, I just wanted to make a website to display it all. Feel free…

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